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At Thrifty Services We Strive to Provide Quality Landscaping Services at an Affordable Price.

    • Integrity
      Integrity is what our company is founded on. Thrifty strives to build mutual trustful, respectful relationships with our employee’s and our customers. Our commitment to this is a guiding principle.
      If we say it we do it.
    • Leadership
      Thrifty expects to be industry leaders in all our services. This is accomplished by challenging our people to enhance their leadership skills and abilities through continuous training.
    • People Focused
      Thrifty understands that companies do not provide superior customer service. People do. We believe that people prosper and grow within an organisation when they are given the competitive tools and a supportive work environment in which to work.
    • Operational Excellence
      Providing customers with high quality customer service is the key to any successful organization. Thrifty strives to achieve a superior level of customer service by focusing on attaining excellence in everything we do. This encourages each employee to strive for quality in every aspect of our business.

Lance Grundy